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By nature in all of us is built-it wish to reach our ambitious and evolving. Human was freezing and tamed fire. Human was week and invented the tools. With meeting the obstacle people was always finding a way to pass it and solve the problem. This cycle is unavoidable. But what if we just were not noticing that not only humankind was evolving…

            So, this is a story of a small fish that tired of humans aggression on her species. Cause for the ages people and animals were catching and using fishkind as a food. Now it comes time for REVENGE. In the game, our small fish will evolve into monster with superpowers such as shooting very dangerous caviar, ability to walk with a legs and sharp horns and spikes.

Discover the power of “Darwin Evolution” with starting in the sea and evolve to come on the shore.


Fish_revenge.zip 38 MB

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